I’ve always enjoyed training but was never able to stick with any self-made plan. I would go to the gym for a few weeks, have a few weeks off, starve myself and then eat like a pig.
I got introduced to James by a friend and after the first chat with him, I was fully committed and couldn’t wait to start. I was very fortunate that James was back in Swansea that week and he kindly came to my gym to go through the workout plan which was extremely helpful as I was unsure of a few of the exercises and the best way to perform them. James made it a personal thing which gave me a lot of motivation and basically I didn’t want to let him down. The training plan became second nature and I really liked the way I was working numerous body parts in the same session and working up a hell of a sweat doing it. I’ve never been massive into cardio but this way of training has helped me with that and I now feel not only fitter but healthier.
THE DIET… again, this was very structured and easy to follow. I’ve never been a breakfast person so James gave me different options to help me out with this. On the plan I was able to eat big meals at lunch and dinner so I never felt like I was losing out and this gave me the energy to tackle the gym. James helped with my eating plan on my days off as well to make sure I wasn’t undoing the work from the week.
I couldn’t give James enough praise and I would recommend to anyone who is looking to knuckle down and get the results they are looking for! Not only does he know his stuff but he’s lovely guy and was always ready to help if I had any questions!!

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