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This is what I recomend to my clients and the rules I use when designing my plans for people.

Protien is the base for everything its what I build the diet around, unless you eat it your body cant create it. Unless you hit your daily amount you could end up loosing muscle mass as your body looks for ways to fill the void as we use protien (amino acids) for many bodily funcions. When embarking on a body transformation its the last thing you want is to be lossing muscle mass due to a lack of protien.

It helps you feel less hungry and fuller for longer, you can pretty much eat as much as you want with out putting on exstra weight ( as shown in a study where they fed people upto 800g of protien daily). Lastly no its not dangerous to your kidneys (unless you have underlying problems.) consuming it at the level I suggest below.


Now I hear you say “what about the RDA(recommended daily allowence) ?”yes yes I know,but we re not looking to survive which you could do perfectly on the RDA , but we want to thrive, grow and get better for this reason I use the value of . 2.2g of protien/kg of LEAN body weight. That means if you were 10% bodyfat weighting 100 kg you would be a lean body mass of 90kg so………


90×2.2=198g of protien per day.

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