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“if you look up you will see the peak of the mountain, if you look down all you will see is dirt “

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This could be my first original quote or maybe I ve read it somewhere or something like it and I cant remember. Either way iam claiming it!

The message I want to get across today is important. I wrote a quick instagram post a while ago  about my journey so far and how I have maybe 6 years left until I reach my goal.

What do I mean by this? Well something I ve recognized amougst the most succesful people in the world is that it can take people 10,15 or even 20 years to reach the top of any given field and its never and an easy trip. They fail multiple times but they endure and keep working ! this is the big difference where 95% of people would give up they keep going . My journey to this point has been plagued with failures from a bad choice in a business partner to a crooked accountant and even going bankrupt!!!! But iam still here moving forward sam enduring.

In another 6 years I would have been doing this for 10 years and hopefully by then i will have accomplished my BIG GOAL achieving a doctorate, a gym that us running itself and an even more successful online business these are  MY mountains to climb and my peaks. Having this in mind  everything hard inbetween has a bigger purpose and i accept and expect more failures along the way.

Bringing this back to nutrition  I think this idea is imporant and relateable to a body transformation. I ve seen clients give up or become demotivated just at the point where the change will start coming(their only looking at the next step not the peak). People change in different time frames. Some in 3 months some in 9 months and I have one client who I have been working with for nearly a year! You have to be prepared for your individual journey and just keep going you will get there eventually and once you are, you will be so glad that you started. Don’t be the 95% of people who give aim to be the 5%.

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Spolier alert that was click bait ! ….. But one thing is FOR SURE 100% the best diet will be the one you can stick too OVER A LONG period of time whilst maintianing a calorie deficit.

How long is long?

6-9 months or so is the optimal length of time . So if you have a summer holiday planned get started now haha.

Although for sure when I am working with my clients, I do use some little tricks which I have seen help alot over the last few years.

For example,

  1. my Compensation days (see my blog on cheating) this is my fancy name for fasting.
  2. Or taking carbs away from the first 2 meals of the day ( if they train in the afternoons that is) . The main reason for this is carbohidrates can increase hunger, so you might want to eat more the rest of the day.
  3. …..?I cant give away all my secrets


So, I always start them off with a high fat moderate protien breakfast for this reason. I also like to think and have seen it many times over, that this extended period of time with out carbs can help them become more adaptable between their energy systems. Again helping them with more stable energy througout the day and less hunger.

All this helps them maintain a calorie deficit which is how you lose fat and is the only way!not by a magic diet or supplement.

Any type of diet will work to lose weight vegan, low carb, high carb, paleo, iifym…….. if you are in a controlled calorie deficit for longer enough.

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Esto es lo que recomiendo a mis clientes y las reglas que utilizo cuando realizo un plan nutricional para ellos.

La proteína es la base de todo y alrededor de ella, construyo toda la dieta.  Si no consumes proteína, ten en cuenta que tu cuerpo no puede crearla por sí mismo.

A menos que ingieras las cantidades óptimas de proteína, podrías llegar a perder masa muscular pues,  nuestro cuerpo, utiliza los aminoácidos para realizar múltiples funciones corporales.

Cuando nos embarcamos en una transformación corporal lo último que nos gustaría es perder masa muscular debido al déficit de ingesta proteica.

La proteína te ayuda a calmar tu apetito y a sentirte saciado durante más tiempo.  Puedes consumir toda la cantidad que desees siempre que no aumentes de peso, (como mostramos en un estudio dónde se alimentó a un grupo de personas con 800gr de proteína diarios).  Por último, decir que no, no es peligroso para tus riñones (a no ser que tengas algún problema subyacente) si las consumes en las cantidades que explico más abajo.

Ahora te preguntarás,  ¿y qué pasa con la CARA (Cantidad Diaria Recomendada)? Sí, sí, lo sé pero, no queremos sobrevivir, cosa que haríamos perfectamente con la CDR. Estamos buscando prosperar, crecer y mejorar.  Por esta razón, el uso de una cantidad de 2,2 kg de proteína por kg de masa MAGRA, es lo ideal para el objetivo citado. Esto significa que, por ejemplo, si tienes un 10% de grasa corporal y pesas 100kg, 90kg será tu peso magro. Por tanto necesitarías consumir:

90*2,2=198 gr  de proteína diariamente.BLOGPROT

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BLOGPIC.jpgWell well well…… I am not sure what it means if you started reading this after the above title hahah or did you know it was about a cheat meal? Yes of course you did. Well lets get to it!!

So if youre like me youre not one of those robot like people who don’t crave anything and who love eating rice cakes and tuna 6 times a day (we all know that 1 really ripped guy big shout out to Alberto Vera in my case !!! )

We need some shall I say dirty food once a while for example yesterday I ate a mc donalds and it was nt just a happy meal . I calculated via myfitnesspal (a caloria counting app) I hit around 1700 calories .


Macronutrients of the McDs

Protien – 64g

Carbohydratos – 189g

Fat – 81g



Is that bad?


Well as of jan 1st like a lot of people I am meant to be in a fatloss phase so my current plan equates to 2400 calories . So after eating the mcDonalds I only had 700 calories left and I was way off on my quantity of protien. So the rest of the day I had a 60g protien shake and 2 protien yoghurts with a piece of fruit .


This made my daily macros


Protien – 127g

Carbohydratos – 222g

Fat – 84g


Total cals -2200


Put the calculator away! ……I will spell it out for you I ate what some people would say is a cheat meal and on this day iam in even more of a deficit (deficit= calorie deficit which will dictate your fatloss) than I would of been If I was in my structured meal plan. Wooohooo cheated and got away with it!!


Word of warning this is a tool to use once in a while eating processed foods is not healthy but once in a while wont kill you and wont stop you losing fat aslong as you calculte it ! so go out out enjoy yourself be sociable and when you do eat off plan just make sure you keep protien high in the other meals and get back on the plan the next day.

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Tenemos el testimonio de otro de nuestros atletas, ha estado siguiendo uno de nuestros planes durante 4 meses y los resultados han sido asombrosos. FASE 1 – 10 SEMANAS (FPLAN FATBUNER) -> 87 > 82.4 FASE 2 – 6 SEMANAS (FPLAN PERFORMANCE) -> 82.4 > 84.5 · · · · “16 semanas separan una foto de otra, a parte de perder casi 3 kilos de grasa, he ganado mucha fuerza y mejorado casi todas mis marcas en los levantamientos. He encontrado muy sencillo seguir el plan que James me ha marcado. El plan estaba diseñado de tal manera que, en los días que los entrenamientos subían de intensidad y de peso, yo podía comer mucho más y así sentirme mucho más fuerte y esto es totalmente una ventaja.” · · · · Ya sabes, si estás pensando en mejorar tu rendimiento, tu composición corporal o simplemente quieres sentirte mejor contigo mismo, ¡TENEMOS UN PLAN PARA TI! – No dudes en contactar con nosotros para más información.cristo