“helping you achieve any goal from fat loss, building muscle or improving athletic performance in any sport”

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“Luck is where opportunity meets preparation.” Seneca


“burn the boats” 

this phrase is born from an incident in 1519 AD, during the Spanish conquest of Mexico. Hernán Cortés, the Spanish commander, scuttled his ships, so that his men would have to conquer or die.”

These are two of my favourite quotes and the ideas behind them is how I tackle life, please find attached my cv. James



ME.jpgI am the owner at crossfitkz in Las Palmas, Spain. It has been a dream realized, moving abroad, opening up a gym and starting a nutrition business online and in person. I have been able to adapt to the new culture and I would say I have a high level of Spanish, both written and spoken. I could not be happier with the success I have achieved in the first three years since changing my life’s direction.

What makes me different from other nutritionists and trainers is that I am OBSESSED with results and how I get them, One of my most unique and highly regarded skills is getting ‘BUY IN’ from my athletes and clients.   I am only loyal to what is optimal and I continue to search, read and learn everything I can find.   This passion has enabled be to be CISSN nutritionist which is  the best and only applied sports performance nutrition program out there.  The International Society of Sports Nutrition is recognized as the only not-for-profit academic-based society dedicated to sports nutrition and growing the science of applied nutrition. The ISSN conferences, tutorials, lectures and courses have been recognized (vis a vis attaining continuing education credits) by the Commission on Dietetic Registration, National Strength and Conditioning Association, American College of Sports Medicine, American Council on Exercise, American Physical Therapy Association, National Association of Athletic Trainers and other organizations as well. Members of these organizations can earn continuing education credits by attending ISSN Conferences and Symposia. The ISSN is also recognized by many Universities as offering the latest, cutting edge and non-biased information about the science and application of sports nutrition and supplements. In addition, the ISSN regularly funds research projects (particulary young investigators); it should be noted that the ISSN does not pay for indirect costs for any project that it funds.

I have worked with professional rugby players, lawyers, doctors ,students, crossfit athletes(regional level), executives, Olympic sailors, professional skiers, gym owners and ultra iron men…..I have gained success in every field so far.

Before moving abroad , I was working as a project manager in my family business for nine years handling over fifty employees, planning multiple work sites and solving any problems that might arise to keep the project moving forward. The job also involved liaising heavily with the customers, attending progress meetings and maintaining good relationships after the project was completed.

Here is a quick glance some achievements of mine

  • -move to another country learn spanish which i have to carry out the day to day running of my business in this language
  • -opening up a gym, next month a second location
  • -growing a successful online nutrition business where i work with a range of pro athletes, too the average jos and I gain results with both.
  • -overcoming every type of adversity these last 6 years and still manage to keep positive and have faith in the process.
  • -gaining my CISSN
  • -developing my nutrition app

I live to help people and as you can see i am highly motivated indivdual and for me failure is never an option.


  • ISSN diploma in applied sport and exercise nutrition
  • CF1 trainer course KLOKOV olympic weightlifting seminar
  • BORIS SHIEKO powerlifting seminar
  • JTS seminar(Chad Wesley Smith)
  • MI40 UNIVERSITY Muscle hypertrophy seminar