“having had a constant up and down struggle with my own body composition previously and having a bad relationship with food like many of my clients, it gives me a unique insight into peoples struggles and emotions they go through.”


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Why you can’t lose weight anymore ?

Crash dieting. If you are not one of those genetically gifted people then like me for sure you would of done this…..Drop your calories like crazy, and watch the fat disappear. Great. Go out go on holidays – look better, get lots of compliments.


But crave food like crazy, fight the inner demons, before eventually giving in and eating everything in sight. Whoops. Before you know it – you’re RIGHT back to where you started, and in A LOT of cases, even worse off.  Such is the downfalls of crash diets, where you drop calories like crazy to lose weight, or go o a juice or detox diet or cut out all carbohydrates and only eat things green!……..remember this rule which I tell my clients if it sounds or feels crazy then most likely it is crazy hahahah

Why to works but then kicks your ass?

The minute you return to “normal” eating patterns, there’s going to be big problems in terms of weight gain. Let’s dive into the science. When you drop calories to a very low level, what’s called an “energy gap” (described more in the paper) occurs. This is your body sensing the difference between the calories your body burns each day, and the calories you’re missing out on that you once consumed every day.

 So what’s the significance of the energy gap?

Well, at the end of your diet, your body will do EVERYTHING IT CAN to return to homeostasis – it’s most comfortable level of body fat. In other words, you’ll go right back to where you started. Also – a subsequent lower body mass resulting from an energy restricted diet, results in LESS calories burnt everyday. This occurs via a reduction in your basal metabolic rate (the amount of calories you burn everyday AT REST).To say there have been many studies proving this in human beings, is an understatement.  So at the end of it – you’ll end up with a SLOWER metabolism, and prone to over eating, with more fat then you started with.

 Doesn’t sound that good does it?

Lots of people think that if you lose the weight – you’re right for life, and it’ll stay off. But to quote from the Colorado study: “The brain does not reset appetite to match the lower energy requirements of the remaining tissue.”So essentially – enjoy the weight loss while it lasts, because it WON’T stay that way once you resume normal life.

 Ever wondered why celebrities are so lean so quickly one minute, and fat the next?

Well, now you know.

SO……….whats the answer? A controlled deficit, which changes when you do. Lets get started!

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