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“I have spent years of my life amassing knowledge from 100s of books,lectures and seminars to hone my craft of getting results for my clients.”

The most critical aspect of establishing a properly implemented dietary strategy to accomplish optimal performance outcomes is to ensure that we design your plan to meet quality calorific needs to balance specific energy expenditure.  With this in mid you will benefit from faster recovery, greater adaptation from your training and greatly improved performance in your specific sport.  in your plan you will have an appropriate ratio of macronutrients that correspond to the type of training, volume and intensity you are currently involved in.  Also as this changes so will your plan we achieve this with the weekly checkins .


  • -intial video call to find out how to best personalize the plan to your current lifestyle and habits.
  • -a weekly controlled checkin via email
  • -my whatsapp for us to solve any questions or concerns you may have during the plan
  • -complete nutritional periodisation for your given sport and goals
  • -complete supplement regime backed by the most recent scientific studies
  • -if needed training plans and advice
  • -1 on 1 coaching all the way through the 16 weeks
  • -gain the knowledge you need to continue by yourself once you have completed the program

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