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“if you look up you will see the peak of the mountain, if you look down all you will see is dirt “

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This could be my first original quote or maybe I ve read it somewhere or something like it and I cant remember. Either way iam claiming it!

The message I want to get across today is important. I wrote a quick instagram post a while ago  about my journey so far and how I have maybe 6 years left until I reach my goal.

What do I mean by this? Well something I ve recognized amougst the most succesful people in the world is that it can take people 10,15 or even 20 years to reach the top of any given field and its never and an easy trip. They fail multiple times but they endure and keep working ! this is the big difference where 95% of people would give up they keep going . My journey to this point has been plagued with failures from a bad choice in a business partner to a crooked accountant and even going bankrupt!!!! But iam still here moving forward sam enduring.

In another 6 years I would have been doing this for 10 years and hopefully by then i will have accomplished my BIG GOAL achieving a doctorate, a gym that us running itself and an even more successful online business these are  MY mountains to climb and my peaks. Having this in mind  everything hard inbetween has a bigger purpose and i accept and expect more failures along the way.

Bringing this back to nutrition  I think this idea is imporant and relateable to a body transformation. I ve seen clients give up or become demotivated just at the point where the change will start coming(their only looking at the next step not the peak). People change in different time frames. Some in 3 months some in 9 months and I have one client who I have been working with for nearly a year! You have to be prepared for your individual journey and just keep going you will get there eventually and once you are, you will be so glad that you started. Don’t be the 95% of people who give aim to be the 5%.