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Spolier alert that was click bait ! ….. But one thing is FOR SURE 100% the best diet will be the one you can stick too OVER A LONG period of time whilst maintianing a calorie deficit.

How long is long?

6-9 months or so is the optimal length of time . So if you have a summer holiday planned get started now haha.

Although for sure when I am working with my clients, I do use some little tricks which I have seen help alot over the last few years.

For example,

  1. my Compensation days (see my blog on cheating) this is my fancy name for fasting.
  2. Or taking carbs away from the first 2 meals of the day ( if they train in the afternoons that is) . The main reason for this is carbohidrates can increase hunger, so you might want to eat more the rest of the day.
  3. …..?I cant give away all my secrets


So, I always start them off with a high fat moderate protien breakfast for this reason. I also like to think and have seen it many times over, that this extended period of time with out carbs can help them become more adaptable between their energy systems. Again helping them with more stable energy througout the day and less hunger.

All this helps them maintain a calorie deficit which is how you lose fat and is the only way!not by a magic diet or supplement.

Any type of diet will work to lose weight vegan, low carb, high carb, paleo, iifym…….. if you are in a controlled calorie deficit for longer enough.

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BLOGPIC.jpgWell well well…… I am not sure what it means if you started reading this after the above title hahah or did you know it was about a cheat meal? Yes of course you did. Well lets get to it!!

So if youre like me youre not one of those robot like people who don’t crave anything and who love eating rice cakes and tuna 6 times a day (we all know that 1 really ripped guy big shout out to Alberto Vera in my case !!! )

We need some shall I say dirty food once a while for example yesterday I ate a mc donalds and it was nt just a happy meal . I calculated via myfitnesspal (a caloria counting app) I hit around 1700 calories .


Macronutrients of the McDs

Protien – 64g

Carbohydratos – 189g

Fat – 81g



Is that bad?


Well as of jan 1st like a lot of people I am meant to be in a fatloss phase so my current plan equates to 2400 calories . So after eating the mcDonalds I only had 700 calories left and I was way off on my quantity of protien. So the rest of the day I had a 60g protien shake and 2 protien yoghurts with a piece of fruit .


This made my daily macros


Protien – 127g

Carbohydratos – 222g

Fat – 84g


Total cals -2200


Put the calculator away! ……I will spell it out for you I ate what some people would say is a cheat meal and on this day iam in even more of a deficit (deficit= calorie deficit which will dictate your fatloss) than I would of been If I was in my structured meal plan. Wooohooo cheated and got away with it!!


Word of warning this is a tool to use once in a while eating processed foods is not healthy but once in a while wont kill you and wont stop you losing fat aslong as you calculte it ! so go out out enjoy yourself be sociable and when you do eat off plan just make sure you keep protien high in the other meals and get back on the plan the next day.

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This is what I recomend to my clients and the rules I use when designing my plans for people.

Protien is the base for everything its what I build the diet around, unless you eat it your body cant create it. Unless you hit your daily amount you could end up loosing muscle mass as your body looks for ways to fill the void as we use protien (amino acids) for many bodily funcions. When embarking on a body transformation its the last thing you want is to be lossing muscle mass due to a lack of protien.

It helps you feel less hungry and fuller for longer, you can pretty much eat as much as you want with out putting on exstra weight ( as shown in a study where they fed people upto 800g of protien daily). Lastly no its not dangerous to your kidneys (unless you have underlying problems.) consuming it at the level I suggest below.


Now I hear you say “what about the RDA(recommended daily allowence) ?”yes yes I know,but we re not looking to survive which you could do perfectly on the RDA , but we want to thrive, grow and get better for this reason I use the value of . 2.2g of protien/kg of LEAN body weight. That means if you were 10% bodyfat weighting 100 kg you would be a lean body mass of 90kg so………


90×2.2=198g of protien per day.




Mi inicio con el F-plan surgió por mi flechazo con el crossfit. Quería mejorar mi forma física para poder favorecer mi progreso en este deporte y para ello pedí consejo a James. Con el F-plan he aprendido a comer y con los consejos de James he sabido como compensar cuando en alguna de las comidas me paso. De hecho, me alegra decir que es la primera vez que sigo una dieta y no paso hambre. No sólo he conseguido mi propósito de ir avanzando en crossfit, sino que además me propuse bajar unos 15 kilos y puedo decir con orgullo que lo he logrado. Sin el F-Plan y James con su compromiso, atención y consejos continuos, no habría llegado tan lejos. Y esto sólo es el principio. Muchas gracias James por todo, y por supuesto, a los demás coach de Crossfit KZ(WWW.REEBOKCROSSFITKZ.COM por todos sus consejos.