Yes you read it right ! if you can focus on a given task more than likely you can be classed as a genius in time in what ever endeavor you choose ! The concentration span of the average human has fallen by over 50% in the last decade!!!!! Ohhhhh shit did you even reach this far ? If you did leave me a comment.




I follow and take inspiration from a lot of succesful people and one of the most common traits amoung them is they get up early! Early is not 730 by the way. Early is 4 or 5 am.

Getting up this early not looking at your phone, emails or whats app definetly gives you some gloden time to get ahead and focus in what ever aspect of life you like. For example @therock uses this time to train , @bedroskeuilian uses it work through his most important tasks of the day and I am using it to write this post and design 3 new clients nutrition plans. What will you choose to be a genius in ?