Sleep…… one of if not the most important factors to living longer and healthier! if youre like me and you struggle heres som simple must do’s and tips to help optimise your sleep and in turn your life.


-It starts in the morning !! go outside get some sunlight or if you are in the uk just get outside hahahah #nosun. This helps with circadian rhythm ie bodyclock.


-about 2 hours before bed try not to eat anything and stop using laptops phones tvs and bright lights ……. Yeah maybe difficult!! if its impossible then put everything on nightshift. This will kill the blue light and put a yellow tinge on everything. (Killing the bluelight boosts natural melatonin) .

Another way you can achieve this is buy some of these sexy yellow glasses (does the same job)




-in the last 2 hours befor bed try to start a nightly routine weather it be a to do list for the next day, a jounal , read a book something that wll help you relax . My favourite is a to do list as it helps me empty my brain so I dont wake up thinking oh sh*t I forgot to do that or I need to do this tomorrow !! it also gives my sub concious brain some work to do whilst I am sleeping but that’s for another post!


-make sure your room is cool and dark (as much like a cave as possible with out the bats obviously ) that means no standby light on on your tv. Phone off or in another room and your wifi turned off. You want to try and block out all artificial light and EMFs. Some people go as far is sleepin in a faradays cage to achieve this that’s sleep level 1000 stuff haha


-lastly a few supplements that could help , don’t take them all at once choose one and see how it effects you.